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Solve: Reformat Name and Age Records

Imported By: Geoffrey Challen
/ Version: 2022.7.0

Sometimes we need to transform data from one format to another. In this problem we'll start with CSV-formatted records containing names and ages, and transform them to a more user-friendly format.

We'll start with an input CSV String in the following format:

 Banjo, 12
Lulu, 7

And we want to return a String in the following format:

Gracie is 1 year old
Banjo is 12 years old
Lulu is 7 years old

Note how the first item has year singular, but the others do not.

Write a method reformatRecords that accepts a non-null String containing CSV in the format described, and returns a String in the "is ... years old" format shown above. You can assume that the input String contains at least one record, and that each line has a comma-separated name and age pair. However, as shown above there may be whitespace surrounding the values in each record, so you will need to use trim appropriately.

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