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Solve: Simple Conditional

Created By: Geoffrey Challen
/ Version: 2020.8.0

Computers can make decisions based on data. In Java we do this using conditional statements. While they may seem simple, conditional statements are the building block of every more complex computer behavior.

Let's get some practice with real world decision making using conditional statements. The University of Illinois is using regular frequent testing to monitor the coronavirus on campus. Maybe the most important piece of data produced by coronavirus testing is the positivity rate: the percent of tests that come back positive. A high positivity rate indicates community spread, and may mean that it is time to shut down the campus again.

Your friend is fairly unconcerned about the coronavirus. They wrote the following snippet of code that uses a 10% positivity rate to decide whether to continue an in-person semester. You think that is too high. (10% is fairly high.) Modify the code below to use 5% as the positivity rate threshold. When you are correct, your code should print "Time to go home" if the value of the variable positivity is greater than 5%. Do not modify the value of positivity.

if (positivity > 0.10) {
System.out.println("Time to go home");
} else {
System.out.println("On-campus activities can continue");

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