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Solve: Identify a Suspect

Created By: Miguel Fernandez
/ Version: 2021.8.0

There was a theft of research hardware on campus last night. Based on eyewitness accounts, they figured out the suspect went through the Siebel Center for Computer Science, the Digital Computing Laboratory, and the Illini Union. Luckily, you have the lists of the people who entered each building from their I-Card ID swipes.

You've been given three Set<String>s that represent the lists of people that entered each building yesterday. Your job is to create a function called calculateSuspects that when given these parameters returns the list of suspects as a Set<String>. This list should consist of all the names of all people who are included in at least two of the Sets.

You may find reading the documentation for intersect (intersection) helpful.


Note that you do not need add any import statements to use sets in Kotlin.

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