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Solve: Catchup Quiz Grading

Created By: Geoffrey Challen
/ Version: 2022.2.0

Create a method named catchupGrading that accepts an array of double values and implements the following catch-up grading policy. Given a score on Quiz N, if a student does better on the next quiz (Quiz N + 1), then you should replace their score on Quiz N with the average of their score on Quiz N and their score on Quiz N + 1. Otherwise, their score on Quiz N is unchanged. Return the number of times that the student does strictly better on the next quiz than they did on the previous one.

Scores are stored in the array in order. So, given an array with the scores {100.0, 80.0, 90.0}, you would modify the array to contain {100.0, 85.0, 90.0}, and return 1.

A few hints about how to approach this problem. You'll want to use a loop to go through each pair of scores in the array, so in the loop you'll be examining both one quiz and the next. This loop is similar to but a bit different from the one that we're used to writing. Your function should modify the values in the passed array.

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