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Solve: Quiz Score Advice

Created By: Geoffrey Challen
/ Version: 2021.8.0

Quizzes are a chance to test what you know and how your understanding of the course content is developing. If you do poorly on a quiz, please approach the course staff for help! We can help get you back on track, but the sooner we know, the better.

However, please don't misinterpret your quiz score! Writing code in a proctored environment is difficult, and it's normal to make small mistakes. If you miss one of the programming questions due to a small error that you couldn't fix in time, that's usually OK, and not a sign of trouble. If you miss a programming question because you had no idea how to approach it or the concepts involved, that might be a sign of trouble. Reach out to us!

Let's write a snippet of code that, given a quiz score in the int variable quizScore, prints out a suggestion about how to interpret that score:

  • If the score is below 70, print "You should reach out to the course staff".
  • If the score is between 70 and 90, print "Nice job, and you can probably do better next time"
  • If the score is above 90, print "Great job"

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